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Posted by Irma14 Kamis, 21 Juli 2011 2 comments
in indonesia witch the second most country that used Facebook after America, still confusing to configure their google plus out, and how to act in this "Next Generation of Social Networking" as they said. but it's never mind my friend, sometimes when we most interact with a lot of people witch different way of thinking all over the world, we can learn how make a good content that will bring more follower to our account. Not as like as Facebook with Friends concept, although we don't even know who that person is :), Google plus give us a different way to act, this is witch i called "The person who could share a good concept will survive to this tools"

I love to use Sparks in Google Plus to Search or find my interest or something else. Coz i think the "Sparks" Algorithm is a quite different with the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as like as we can find at google dot com.
this "sparks" can produce better search results on Google plus, when you wanna take more accurate data. There's so many reason why i migrate to google plus.

i think in nowdays we are loosing too much time, if we didnt' keep in touch in google, and now i realize that facebook is the good way to making your time useless. wanna find some interestings in google plus ?
here is an interesting site to find someone on social media. Always keep eye on google+ buddy, by the way have you find yourself in http://www.findpeopleonplus.com/

and finaly as the masters said "_The only constant thing is change_" that's the social networking do, like google plus. and so do we become more global. we can go around the world by google maps, we can get so many information by blog or a website, or we can just talking to any people with different country or different background in the same language "english" with variants accent. sometime i use google hangout to improve my english by talking or just learning by hearing or writing in its chat. This is the site that i've got to join. check it out buddy.  http://www.hangoutongplus.com/

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