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HVS (HighVoltageScalper), came to show the results of the backtest on many currencies. The backtest quality is 99.90%, it is the quality that comes closest to the real market conditions. Increased equity curve is very convincing, it looks really great.
Unfortunately, we all know that backtest is backtest, it merely as an illustration of how the code works without any risk with maximum results. I also see that the equity curve is not smooth ride. It means, there are conditions where this strategy suffered losses. And yes, is not yet stable. But in fact, this is the essence of "HVS" system, utilizing the unstable market conditions, and has proved that there is an opportunity to take advantage if executed correctly. And it can only be achieved using an automated system. In other words, should use the "HighVoltageScalpers". This is not a promotional trick. Seriously, you will be wasting your time when doing it manually.

Since the backtest results are promising, I give this strategy a chance to run in the real market, of course using the demo account. It appears that the performance shows the results according to plan.
But again, the demo is a demo, there are many confounding factors are missing.
The following is a demo forward test: ...link…

Next action, I decided to try on a real account, it is true that the results are not the same as the demo, especially when compared to offline backtest. But there is hope, this strategy apparently worked quite well in the real market.
Let us monitor how its performance in real accounts, using broker tickmill with little deposits: ...link…

**Please note, the above link is not intended as a signal, as I am rather pessimistic about the outcome will be different for you, considering this strategy need to be very fast in the calculation and execution. As well as many other factors, use of "EA" directly would be better. So, do purchase or try to rent it for a month

--- A little explanation about HVS system,

--- first,
HVS strategy will only be successful if it is running on a broker with stoplevel less than 2 pips (20 points) and provide a very low spreads for all pairs to be used. In the meantime, I only see opportunities in Tickmill and GlobalPrime (both provide the opportunity to open ECN account with just a little deposit.). In terms of determining the broker is very urgent, please do not use "HVS" or similar strategy at other brokers before testing in depth, unless you really understand what you are doing.
I think we all just need "one" right broker.

--- second,
General characteristics,

Average trades per day: 10

Traded currency pairs: 9
XAUUSD – EURUSD – EURJPY – EURAUD – EURNZD – GBPUSD – GBPAUD – GBPNZD – AUDUSD (please, limit only on the currency that has been my observation, do not impose on other currencies that have not been recommended. This means, the strategy will be developed to work in other currency, but not now)

Percent Accuracy: 50%
50% chance, it would be advantageous, if the profit is greater than the loss, and that's how the HVS works.

Style: Mean reversion

Charts: 1 minutes

--- third,
Understand what is available in the settings of "HVS".
I hope, users simply plug and play, but it seems unfair if all made too stiff. So, this explanation is not to be missed, not a lot that needs to be set.

--- fourth,
Use the VPS (Virtual Private Server).

--- fifth,
Do not expect a lot in a short time, even in the offline backtest HVS show in a few months this strategy continues to experience losses. Users must be prepared mentally to get through it, a loss in a row will probably reach 30% (this is an estimate of the highest drawdown that may occur continually, but it will not happen as a result of one or several orders only).
At the appropriate time, the loss will be covered and then equity curve will increase. Do not miss that moment.

--- sixth,
There will always be trading costs that make life difficult. Make a deposit, pay a spread on every order, undergo excessive slippage, and of course have to continue to face real life which requires paying routine bills.

--- finally,
After years of working alone, here I am, decided to sell the idea wrapped in the code to trying to get extra money to be used as capital execute of this strategy on the real account, it was an attempt.
I am very aware that the price of $888, slightly above the average price. Even, if I speak frankly it is a very high value for me, the goal is to find a buyer, but not in large quantities.

Because I am going to serve the buyers to discuss head to head by email or chat. I certainly have a limited ability to do it all. Therefore, the number of buyers (if any) will also be limited, the sale price of "HVS" will continue to be raised at certain times.

Thank you for your interest, at least you have taken the time to read this article, thanks for that.

Please keep in mind, I sincerely hope you will be my parner.

By : Omeng Beta

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